Endangered languages in Europe: report

Endangered languages in Europe: report:


1. Variant(s): Lengadoucian, Occitan (obsolete)

2. Geographical location: France: most parts of the historical provinces of Guyenne and Languedoc (in an area from Bordeaux in northwest to Montpellier in southeast, from Toulouse in southwest to Rodez in northeast)

3. Relationships: /Occitan/Occitano-Romance/Indo-European

4. Present state of the language: SERIOUSLY ENDANGERED
(a) children speakers: very few children learn the language, and probably none of them become active users
(b) mean age of youngest speakers:
(c) distribution by sex:
(d) total number of speakers, members of the ethnic group: 10% of the population of the region are reportedly fluent speakers; there may be quite few active users
(e) degree of speakers' competence: most or all speakers mix French elements in their speech

5. Sources:
(i) information (about the language): Okzitanisch. Lexicon der Romanistische Linguistik. VI, 2. 1--126.
(ii) published and unpublished material (of the language): a lot
(iii) competent scholar(s) and institution(s): Philippe Blanchet, Jacques Boisgontier



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