Amianta .

La fin es aqui que se sarra,

Me dison que tot va plan .

I a maites biaisses de mascanhar

la cara roja de la vida .

Pòdi pas dire lo mot de mòrt,

sens deslargar de rires gròs.

Doncas me cal morir per de rire

Per far pas de pena a degun ,

m'engolar mon amarun.

E racar mon vomit.

Per far lo brave , lo fièr.

Consensus o coardisa,

Sens pet de lèbre e sens paur;

tal l'ase vièlh, al merlin.

Lo cap baissat prèst per l'oblit.


  1. No ho entenc però sembla estar trist. :(

    1. Yes I am sad, because I have a mesothelioma, ie a disease caused by asbestos. I wrote this poem to answer those who say that cancer is cured easily, that everything is about will etc; Unfortunately, in this case, the survival rate is 2% at 5 years, a little more unfavorable than pancreatic cancer. My illness was detected 3 years ago. Since I pass a scan every three months. But the disease has evolved. I have just taken a series of chemotherapy treatments with heavy segundary effects ... I can not hide the reality ... And I'm sad that I would not do, do more, everything about I make a cross ...
      A kiss to the girl of the sea

      la revirada
      the end is there that approaches
      They tell me that everything is fine
      there are a thousand ways to make up
      the red token of life
      I can not say the word death
      meaning trigger big laughs
      And in order not to hurt anyone
      I swallow my sorrow
      my nausea, my vomit
      To play bravery,
      Consensus or cowardice.
      Without a fart of hare and without paur
      such as the senile ane, in front of the merlin
      I stand with my head down, ready for nothingness

    2. He perdut molts anys abans que em diguessis que parles anglès! Vaig a intentar recuperar-tu com a amic de Facebook per poder parlar amb Messenger. I'll have a try. Please survive!

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